Discover Optiwine and enjoy the unique tool of nano- aeration. Ready to revolutionize the wine industry, the Optiwine process starts talking to him .


Sommeliers International – Nov 2016

Optiwine Tasting in Japan with Paolo BASSO, best sommelier of theWorld 2013.





Sommeliers International – Nov 2016

Many thanks to SommelierS International for interviewing us about Optiwine, our technology and how it works!



THE TASTE : “Wine Accessories – The Optiwine Nano-Aerator” – May 2016

Received wisdom is that a good bottle of wine – especially red wine – has to be opened “to breathe” some time in advance of drinking it. Unfortunately this isn’t really that wise, as simply taking the closure off doesn’t let enough air get into contact with the wine to make a difference.”




VERT DE VIN: “Optiwine: Make a wine sublime in just 10 minutes!”

Vert de vin – September 2015

Optiwine is an invention (100% Bordeaux) that allows the nano-aeration of a wine to bring it to its optimal status in just 10 minutes. It consists of a set of three plugs/corks of different sizes. This new tool that soon will become essential was conceived and designed by Olivier Caste and Michael Paetzold (oenologist and specialist of oenotechniques process). ”



ROCKING RED BLOG: “We Will Drink No Wine Before It’s Time”

Rocking Red Blog – September 2015

“Patience is a virtue; however, it is a virtue that frequently eludes me, especially when it comes to wine. Once a wine bottle is uncorked (or unscrewed) it needs time to breathe. You would too if you were trapped in a bottle for 1, 2 or 10 years. It needs to stretch a bit some it can expand to its fullest potential. ”



FOODBEV MEDIA: “Nano-aeration method Optiwine leads to wine with ‘100 times less oxygen’ “

FoodBev Media – May 2015FoodBevMedia

“Two French entrepreneurs have devised a unique method of nano-aeration that brings out the gustatory qualities of wine.
Optiwine was developed by Michael Paetzold and Olivier Caste and offers “the promise of a more intense tasting experience”. The Optiwine process involves a specially designed tool known as the Optiwiner, which is made from high-quality resin and features the same transparency and delicacy as crystal but without its fragility. All 16 of its sides work simultaneously to harmoniously distribute the optimum quantity of oxygen…”


WINE INDUSTRY ADVISOR: “Optiwine, the unique method of nano-aeration that brings out the best in wine”

Wine Industry Adviser articleWine Industry Advisor – May 2015

“Thanks to unique patented method in the world, Optiwine, of 100% French conception and manufacture, brings out all the gustatory qualities of wine. After three years research the oenologist Michael Paetzold in association with Olivier Caste devised a concept based on the nano-aeration of wine molecules. Optiwine offers the possibility for everyone to discover the breadth of aromatic complexity of a wine in all its subtle nuances after the bottle has been opened, with the promise of a more intense tasting experience….”