Optiwine Tasting

Optiwine is an unique concept which uses Nano-Aeration to obtain the best from your wine. To fully appreciate the qualities of the Optiwine method and observe its effects, we propose that you try the following experiment:

1    Uncork two identical bottles : same wine, same vintage.

2    Place the optiwiner on one of the bottles only, taking care to follow the instructions.

3    Leave the other bottle open or transfer the wine into a carafe.

4    Wait for at least 10 minutes to allow the aromatic and textural molecules to develop.

5    Pour the wines into identical glasses and wait for 10 more minutes.

For each wine, note :

•Aromatic freshness

•Aromatic complexity

•Harmony of palate

•The elegance of the tannins, perception of acidit

•Note also when each wine starts to taste ‘tired’ and the emergence of oxidative notes

Over to you !

After having observed and compared the two wines, it’s time to note each of them. In a group, it’s amusing to try and identify all the nuances that are revealed in the Optiwine wine. Freshness, aromatic complexity… discover the benefits of Optiwine for yourself, and leave us your impressions and your videos on our Blog.

Click here to download your Tasting Chart


Download your Optiwine Tasting Chart