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The “Eclat” – 80€

La Carafe de Poche en Blanc

To make your Optiwine experience unforgettable, we have created the “Eclat” which will impress your friends. The purest, with grain leather and his mirror. The best box set for the wine at its best.

The “Secret” – 65€

La Carafe de Poche en Blanc

Natural evolution of Optiwine ”Classic”, our “Secret” is distinguished by a purity and simplicity. In this beautiful sleek box with foam, your optiwiners are shown standing and protected.

The “Classic” – 55€

La Carafe de Poche en Blanc

The “Classic” was the first box set. The smallest box of the range with 3 optiwiners inside, the “Classic” is very easy to take and to use with your friends everywhere. You can put it in your bag or your briefcase.

The “Essentiel” – 35€

                                                Optiwine ® imagined for you the Essentiel, the box set which combines three oenological tools indispensable to the preparation of a wine bottle. Easy to use and effective, they will assure the success of all your tastings.

The “One” – 19€

La Carafe de Poche en Blanc

Your Optiwine set is incomplete ? Or you just want to make the first move in the world of Optiwine ? In answer to all your tasting requirements, we offer the optiwiners number 4, 6 or 8 individually.

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