The wine oxygenation

The precise moment when wine comes into contact with the air is the spark that ignites the magic of a bottle of wine. It is this alchemy that allows the spectrum of aromas to be progressively unveiled and the texture of the wine’s palate to develop. But exposing a wine to hyper oxygenation is to trigger a paradoxical phenomenon: destructive oxidation.

After testing and undertaking trials of different methods of opening, we discovered that the Nano-Aeration was the only way to have an intense aromatic arousal and the onset of destructive oxidation delayed.

Nano-Aeration, an innovative process

Discovered after three years of research, the Optiwine method, based on the concept of Nano-Aeration, allows the introduction into a wine of the precise amount of oxygen required to liberate all the aromas that are lying dormant in your bottle of wine and optimize its potential.

Optiwine is based on a very simple precept: that of introducing 100 times less oxygen into the wine than in traditional methods of aeration, in the very first minutes after the bottle has been opened. A completely innovative process that arouses dormant aromas, and offers significant protection to the wine by delaying the onset of destructive oxidation due to excessive oxygenation.

Numerous comparative tastings have been carried out on over 600 wines. The results are astonishing, according to the wine, with the wine tasted being brought to the summit of its potential.

How does Optiwine works?

The concept of Optiwine is very easy! Before, the wine oxygenation was done in a decanter. Nowadays we do it directly in the bottle, with a precise amount of oxygen.

The wine oxygenation is done thanks to the amount of oxygen there is in the neck of the bottle, fitted by the volume of the Optiwine. The harmonious redistribution of this oxygen is attained thanks to the simultaneous action of all 16 sides of this oenological tool, combined to a  slow motion of the bottle (watch video).

Why are there different sizes of Optiwine?

The vintage and the type of wine (red, white, rose) are decisive factors in determining the ideal amount of oxygen necessary to awaken their aromatic molecules. That is why Optiwine has developed a complete range to respond to the needs of all those who wish to taste their wine at it’s best.

According to the Optiwine you are using (large, medium or small size), the amount of oxygen available in the neck of the bottle will be more or less significant. Optiwine balances the “precise amount” of oxygen required depending on the wine your will taste.