How to Use Optiwine

Pick the Optiwine

The vintage and the type of wine (red, white, rose) are decisive factors in determining the ideal amount of oxygen necessary to awaken their aromatic molecules. That is why Optiwine has developed a complete range to respond to the needs of all those who wish to taste their wine at it’s best.

According to the Optiwine you are using (large, medium or small size), the amount of oxygen available in the neck of the bottle will be more or less significant. Optiwine balances the “precise amount” of oxygen required depending on the wine your will taste.

Use the Optiwine

1 . Select the optiwine adapted to the type and the age of your wine and place it in the neck of the bottle immediately after having extracted the cork.

2 . Press carefully on the optiwine and very slowly move the bottle back and forth while keeping continued pressure throughout the process :

•  Twice for a 37,5 cl bottle

•  3 times for a 75 cl bottle

•  5 times for a150 cl bottle (magnum)

3 . Wait for at least 10 minutes before serving, leaving the optiwine in place on the bottle. Wait about 20 minutes if there is some sediment in the wine.

4 . Pour the wine into the glass and observe the development of the wine over time.

Video - The right way to Optiwine