Optiwine in brief...

Thanks to a unique and patented method, Optiwine breathes life gently into your wine by a process of molecular nano-aeration.

Optiwine is the indispensable complement to the corkscrew. The corkscrew opens the bottle; Optiwine opens the wine. The method was conceived after having observed that a great number of gustatory molecules remained unexploited during tasting, and innumerable comparative tastings were undertaken on more than 300 wines in order to develop and perfect the product.   Before exposing your wine abruptly to a great amount of oxygen in the glass, using the Optiwine method of nano-aeration allows the controlled introduction of a quantity up to 100 times less.

The wine is enhanced: the nose reveals its full expressivity, the palate is harmonized, the texture amplified….. the wine attains the summit of its beauty and magic.

The Architects of Optiwine

Michael Paetzold

Winemaker and viticulturist

Olivier Caste

Amateur and wine collector
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Temperature, decanting, aeration… there are many elements and manipulations to take into account. Opening a bottle of wine isn’t just about taking out the cork… it is much more complex and technical, meaning that too often we miss out on the true potential of our bottles. We wanted to create an aesthetic, refined, high precision object that was also simple to use.

Optiwine is the promise of a great tasting experience

 Michael Paetzold & Olivier Caste

Invented, designed and made in France, Optiwine is proud to display its “Made in France” label and is a showcase for French skills.

In buying Optiwine you can be sure that you are acquiring a superior quality product which respects traditional values. Its creators are passionate about wine, and great connoisseurs of terroir, viticulture and winemaking


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