Optiwine, "The Pocket Decanter®"

Thanks to nano-aeration, 100% french conception, Optiwine offers the possibility for everyone to discover the breadth of aromatic complexity of a wine in all its subtle nuances after the bottle has been opened, with the promise of a more intense tasting experience.

This means that you can, in all confidence, open your wine between 10 minutes and up to several hours before tasting, simply by leaving the optiwiner on the bottle.

Wether you are a simple wine lover or a great sommelier, Optiwine is a universal tool, simple and playful. You can bring it and use it with your friends everywhere to make all your tasting moments exceptional. Your wine will reach the height of its beauty and magic.

After three years of research, Michael Paetzold succeeded in quantifying the precise amount of oxygen required to liberate the aromas captive in a bottle of wine and optimize its potential and additionnal year to Olivier Caste to design it :

Optiwine was born !

The Architects of Optiwine®


Temperature, decanting, aeration… there are many elements and manipulations to take into account. Opening a bottle of wine isn’t just about taking out the cork… it is much more complex and technical, meaning that too often we miss out on the true potential of our bottles. We wanted to create an aesthetic, refined, high precision object that was also simple to use.

Optiwine is the promise of a great tasting experience

 Michael Paetzold & Olivier Caste

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