Optiwine in a few words...

The Pocket Decanter invented by Optiwine is a patented process, unique in the world, that brings wine to the pinnacle of its potential and reveals all its aromatic qualities thanks to Nano-Aeration.

This oenological precision tool is outstanding for both its ingenuity and its practicality. Simple to use, it is suitable for all types of wine. An additional benefit is the considerable time saved, since on average only 15 minutes are necessary before the wine can be tasted at its best.

Whether you are a simple wine enthusiast or a professional, Optiwine offers everyone the possibility of discovering the unexploited aromatic subtleness of wine.

100% Made in France

Aesthetic in design, elegant and enjoyable to use, Optiwine is entirely conceived and made in France. It is crafted in a high-quality material used by the perfume industry which has the same transparency and delicacy as crystal whilst being completely unbreakable.

Completely odourless and offering no molecular interaction, it is suitable for everyday use.

The Architects of Optiwine


Temperature, decanting, aeration… there are many elements and manipulations to take into account. Opening a bottle of wine isn’t just about taking out the cork… it is much more complex and technical, meaning that too often we miss out on the true potential of our bottles. We wanted to create an aesthetic, refined, high precision object that was also simple to use.

Optiwine is the promise of a great tasting experience

 Michael Paetzold & Olivier Caste

Pioneers of Optiwine

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